This is an important step to consider while editing. Everyone loves to watch a video with High Quality, and TV Shows as well. I understand that not everyone have a good internet connection (myself included), so I’m here to propose a solution and a few tips about choosing footage to your work.

If you’re going to record your own footage you might consider searching in the internet for tutorials about lightening, cameras, ambience and such. The purpose of this post is not to explore that, since I only edit footage from TV Shows in my MinimalistVideos youtube channel. So let’s start on that.

First tip. Choose uTorrent software to download. This program has a unique feature, it’s based on people sharing their files through the web simultaneously. I explain. While you’re downloading, there’s someone, at the same time, sharing that file with you (the seeds), which makes you the “peer”. The awesome thing about this software is that you can pause or download, turn off your computer, and then when you turn it on again your download will continue right where it stops. You can download it here for free:

Second tip. Choose your torrent file correctly. In order to download from uTorrent you have to find the file in a website. There are a lot of them, and you can choose the one who suits you better (if you’re more found of movies or TV Shows, or both). Always choose the files with a lot of seeds because if they don’t you won’t be able to get them.
If you have a good internet connection (500kb/s, 1mb/s or higher) or a lot of patience and time I recommend you chose files in Bluray quality, if possible. They’re not small, but the quality is amazing. Sometimes a bluray file can reach 30GB or more. Everything will rely on what you are seeking: a high quality, medium or another type.
If you don’t need or don’t want that you can go with HDTV and WEB-DL files. They’re also good and I use them most of the time. WEB-DL files have a huge respect from me; when I download TV Shows I always choose this one because it doesn’t contain logos from the TV station. List of Torrent websites:
Third tip. The format. I download from .mkv and then I convert to .mp4 in order to use it in Sony Vegas (SV). I render in .mp4 as well, because youtube doesn’t accept .mkv and neither my SV verison. I highly recommend this format. It’s clean, it doesn’t generate a gigantic file (as .avi) and it goes well with my coloring effects.

Fourth tip. The audio. Choose files with AC3 5.1 or DTS 5.1 audio (not AAC 2.0). They have 5/6 channels that separetes (most of the times) voiceovers from music. It’s incredible.

I hope that was helpful. Please, do suggest other themes for my future posts. Thank you,



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