Review: “hannah & clay • clay’s tape [13 Reasons Why]” by xxstrangemermanxx

I was requested here to do a review:

The Video:

General aspects:
a) 8/10 for song choice. Very touching. The song didn’t change a lot during the video, and it should increse or decrease at some points to represent the flow of emotions, the sadness, the anger, the love.
b) 9/10 for scenes choices. Very good work with the B&W at 0:19 it’s a sad set of colours that goes well with the theme.
c) 9/10 for coloring. That’s just my personal opinion, I don’t think it goes for everyone. Coloring is a very personal thing and I like less effects in a coloring. But there’s nothing objectly wrong with the one use in the video.
d) 10/10 for storyline. You described in a very deep way the relationship between those two, with details and a logic sequel. I would like it to be longer.
a) 10/10 for voiceovers. The voiceovers were well edited, no background noise, and combine with the story-line.
b) 9/10 for rythm. Maybe it could follow the song rythm better. Usually viewers don’t like scenes where the character talks but there’s no voiceover like at 0:31
c) 10/10 for footage. Good footage quality.

I tried to be as objective as possible. The result, in my humble opinion, is that you’re good. You know what you’re doing, you have a way with editing. Keep going and trying to improve always and you’ll be even more awesome.


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